...monotonous and hypnotic electronic rhythms as a carrier...

Latest Release

Jhonny LP / Florence (Meanda Remix)
Released: 12.11.18
Label: Landscapes Music / UK
With his track "Florence" Jhonny created a beautiful melody which catched me immediately. So I tried to give it a very intense and emotional feeling, adding a deep rhythm with drums and percussions. Enjoy a journey through emotional and progressive sounds...

Diary Entry

Artefacts radio show on UK based Undergroundkollektiv Radio

I am very happy to announce, that I joined the family of undergroundkollektiv.co.uk, which is the new home of my regular Artefacts radio show. Undergroundkollektiv Radio is a UK based, fast growing comunity and hosts shows from artists from all over the world. Artefacts will be broadcasted every fourth Sunday at 08pm GMT (London time), starting from February 24th. To listen to the show just use the player on undergroundkollektiv.co.uk Visit the new design at the menu "radio" here on my website!

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